WHAT IS Consulting?

Consultants are brought into an established team to share knowledge that will help businesses attain goals and solve problems. Our consultants work with clients on strategy, planning, and problem solving, and help them develop new company-wide programs or interpersonal skills. You may elect to hire one or more consultants to advise or bolster your staff during periods of growth or transition. Whatever your needs, a consultant offers advice, teaches valuable skills, and works closely with the client to produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking. 

The Impact of Consulting

Because they are new to your organization, a Marquis consultant can view your specific situation from a fresh perspective and act as the catalyst for change. Our consultants are experts in their fields, with extensive experience across multiple industries. We can help you:

  • Organize your company data into useful business insights
  • Design business models, sales strategies, and marketing plans to get you off the ground
  • Create targeted messaging and collateral to support your efforts
  • Develop and deliver learning opportunities for your team
  • Evaluate and improve organizational effectiveness

What We Offer

  • Leadership and Talent Development
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Data Acquisition, Visualization, Analytics
  • Information Strategy and Governance
  • Process Analysis, Design, Documentation

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