Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. At Marquis, we honor you as the expert in your own life and work and employ the Marquis Method to channel your creativity and resourcefulness into improving your leadership skills and unlocking your potential.


Professional coaching leads to tangible and measurable business results. Our goal is to ensure that you realize the benefits that matter most to you. Recent studies of executive coaching participants conducted by the International Coach Federation and the Manchester Consulting Group show that…

  • 96% said they would consistently have a coach.
  • 77% saw a vast improvement in their relationships and communications.
  • 700% is the median ROI enjoyed by companies around the world that develop their leaders through executive coaching.


At some point, everyone needs a coach, but when is the right time to forge a coaching relationship? The answer is now if you:

  • Are facing a roadblock, pursuing a stretch goal, or seizing an opportunity.
  • Aspire to bridge a gap in your knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources.
  • Need to identify your core strengths and how best to leverage them.
  • Seek to accelerate your results and achieve success sooner.
  • Want to gain clarity, improve work-life balance, or make better decisions. 

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