Equip your physicians and leaders with the ability to excel in the intense, high-stakes environment of healthcare.

In the medical field, every decision matters, and every interaction is significant. Develop leadership, teamwork, and personal performance to directly improve patient care and elevate organizational effectiveness. We specialize in coaching physicians and clinical leaders, filling leadership gaps not often developed in medical school or residency training, and bolstering performance and leadership skills.

Development through coaching is personal and the effects are felt organization-wide. We’ll ignite a chain reaction of improvements for individuals resulting in more efficient teams, positive working environments, and improved patient experiences. Make an intentional commitment to develop and support your people with coaching; the most effective way to invest in your organization, patients, and future. 

For me coaching in just one word is transformative… you have a trained professional who can help be a neutral ear and help you see your blind spots and that is something that is super invaluable.
— Physician

The benefits of coaching can be widespread and contagious. 

Create Accountability

Create Accountability

We all have blind spots that can be improved. We’ll help pinpoint the right areas to make the greatest impact on performance, driving accountability, and improvement.


Foster Communication

Communication can be a catalyst for success or provoke inefficiencies. Elevate critical skills including: mindfulness, listening, and understanding others to heighten performance.


Improve Culture

Create an environment where the inner workings flow so smoothly that delivering elite patient care comes naturally. When your teams perform well, your organization delivers.


Real Experiences: 

I believe coaching helped me in how I show up, become more deliberate, and in how I’m perceived by others. If you’re in a patient or family facing role especially, more self-awareness and ability to self-monitor is extremely helpful to improve the healthcare experience.
— Surgeon
The current environment is challenging. We need our leaders to be at their best and to have clarity of purpose, be able to set strategies and make tough decisions. Coaching on those skills are especially relevant to our current healthcare climate.
— Sr. Administrator


Mitigate Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is real, prevalent, and costly. Create dedicated time for individual physician coaching to positively impact desired outcomes. Prevent burnout, improve patient experience, increase engagement, build productive relationships, and save recruiting expenses. We’ll tackle the tough issues, the kind that silently weigh on even the most resilient physicians. Support your leaders with the skills necessary for long-term success.

I think every physician should have some exposure to coaching. There’s so much written now about burnout among physicians. Coaching is a way to help people understand their frustrations, control what they can control, own their own behaviors, and find more joy in their work.
— Surgeon


Transformation starts now.
Marquis coaching develops what matters most.

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We focus on industry-proven development that connects to the patient bedside.

Healthcare Specific.png

Healthcare Focused

Support to handle challenges specific to healthcare and to build effective and positive patient interactions. 

Leadership Development.png

Leadership Development

Developing leaders with strong and clear purpose, who can be the trusted voice for their teams, and empower them to reach their highest potential. 

High Performance Teams.png

High Performance Teams

Creating teams that value and exhibit collaboration, respect, and diverse perspectives, with productive communication and effective results. 


Individual skill development.png

Individual Skill  Development

Filling gaps and balancing technical skills with leadership/relationship skills including heightened mindfulness, and interpersonal communication. 

Personal Performance and Development.png

Personal Performance and Development

Goal setting and accountability to drive personal performance and achievement, with the right skills to adapt to changing environments. 


I almost can’t imagine what life is like without a coach. I think everybody should have a coach really. Every good athlete has a coach, so why shouldn’t people who are doctors and executives have coaches too?
— Surgeon


Who Are the Right Candidates for Coaching?

Surgeons, physicians, researchers, and all clinical leadership. Just as premier athletes are continually coached – medical professionals benefit from ongoing development. Our coaches will accelerate the trajectory of your highest performers, and effectively develop those who need to improve. 


The Right Fit Coach

At Marquis Leadership, we’re experienced in equipping physicians, leaders, and teams, with the right competencies for elite healthcare. Our team of coaches work day in and day out in the healthcare world, and we intimately understand the complexities that accompany the different roles. It’s because of this experience that we know what it takes to create the optimal environment, and make real connections required to achieve transformative results and ROI.