We believe in the power of people - because we experience it everyday. Marquis offers the following premier solutions:



People are the most important business asset.

Yet, individuals and teams are often overlooked when strategizing improvements relating to revenue & growth.

Reveal untapped efficiency, organizational alignment, and personal and/or team development, with real and immediate results translating to a better performing business. Download our informational flyer to easily share this program in PDF form to others.


Using research validated methods, we'll architect and deliver the right program for your specific needs. From resolving communication concerns or conflict, to developing an individual or team to achieve higher potential – we’ll guide you through the process of improving your people – improving your business. 



Develop & Empower People

You hired your people with purpose. Nurture their talent to the fullest potential, inspiring them along the way. Commit to their success and they’ll commit to your future. 



Create a Better Culture

When individuals communicate better, they work together better. Simultaneously improve business goals, while improving employee satisfaction in work and life. 



Experience Real Performance Results

When teams work together effectively, it’s amazing what they can accomplish. Reveal a new level of elevated performance in your organization. 


Everything DiSC Certification

Everything DiSC®

World renowned research method for understanding people. Transform individuals and teams into skilled communicators and high performance leaders - facilitating continuous improvement with tangible results. 

Understand Yourself to Understand Others

The Everything DiSC assessment is a non-judgmental tool used to better understand individual communication styles. The Marquis team will administer assessments, evaluate results, and share real world tips and strategies to harness the full potential of unique communication styles. Simultaneously, we’ll create empathy and understanding of others.

You assemble the people. We’ll do the rest.

We’ll organize and lead you through the assessment and comprehensive learning process. In the end, you’ll own lasting communication skills, improving individuals and teams for years to come.

Experience immediate and lasting change for individuals and teams. 


5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team - Wiley

High Performing Teams:

• Make better, faster decisions
• Tap into skills & opinions of all team members
• Create a competitive advantage
• Produce more results sooner
• Engage and inspire the people they lead


5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Assessment-based learning experience, revealing (through personal engagement) a truly cohesive and effective team.

Start with Everything DiSC®

Using the Everything DiSC assessment, teams first identify their individual communication style, followed by understanding each other’s.

Reveal Your Best Team

Marquis facilitators will lead teams through an engaging workshop, using the 5 Behavior model; working through each layer before moving to the next. Together we’ll build the foundation for the ultimate goal – results, delivered through high-performance teams.

This program will maximize the ability to understand self, engage with others, create alignment, and spark immediate impact – ultimately delivering unique value to your team, leaders, and organization